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I just have watched an “indie” movie entitled “have dream, will travel”. It is a drama with AnnaSophia Robb playing in it. The story is about a boy (Ben) and a girl (Cassie) who got married at a very very young age (12 years old) and successfully keep their relationship until they get old. And apparently both I and my roommate Mehdi (actually he had recommended this film) love these quotes:

Cassie said: “A pipe dream is an unrealistic fantasy that deludes oneself into thinking that it’s an actual plan. But a real plan is an actual goal that you believe in enough to create a set of circumstances which leads you to and into a plan”

I will therefore briefly set down the circumstances which led Cassie saying that. The drama set in 1960s. Ben lives with his neglecting parents. His father is obsessed with his boat; spends whole day with his boat. And his mother is obsessed with movie stars; every afternoon she goes to the theater, and spends all day reading cinema magazines. One night his father brings a girl who just survived from wreck to their house. The girl, Cassie, got a broken arm, and having no more parents she lodged there until she can move to her grandma’s house.

Then the girl and the boy are getting close. One day, Cassie instead convinced Ben to run away from home to live with her aunt and uncle in Baltimore. Having no money for the trip Ben steals their parent’s money. Their first stop is at a pig farm run by Henderson, who presides over a small wedding ceremony for them. Then they hitchhike through Arkansas, Kentucky and Virginia until they reach Baltimore.

Just after step out from Ben home, they both realize that they are facing a real life. So, they try to make up their mind what they wanna be in future. They try to make a life plan, even they are 12 years old still. Yups, in this situation the mature girl Cassie (Cassie’s Dad was a professor) explain the importance of having a plan and describe a pipe dream and a plan.

Ben wants to be a pitcher in Major League. At the time, every boy in United States has the same thing in his mind like Ben’s dream. Since confess his dream, Ben begin practicing to be a pitcher. Cassie helps him every day.

When they are adults, Cassie becomes an editor for children’s stories and Ben becomes a pitcher in Major League Baseball until his arm gives out, after which, like what Cassie planned, Ben becomes a writer. They eventually get married and have two kids.

The movie tells us how plan become very important to our live. There’s what happens to you in life and there’s what you make happen. It’s the difference between having a plan and not. Then, let us focus how we mark of a plan from a pipe dream. Cassie had given the key-phrases, they are; believe enough, create circumstances, lead to and into a plan.

Most people do need a plan. Life is crazy enough without one. Sometimes it’s hard knowing if you should or shouldn’t do something. So, you do what feels right at the time.


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