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The Lost Symbol

Posted on: September 18, 2010

This is the last Dan Brown’s novel. I just have finished reading this book a couple weeks ago. Like its predecessor (2000: Angels and Demons, 2003: The Da Vinci Code), it is a thriller with Robert Langdon as a main character. The story set in Washington DC. Like another Brown’s novel, the novel contains of conspiracy things such ancient mystery, secret organizations, religion and many others.  And also he put some words describing high-end technologies, latest science and some enormous monuments in DC. The novel begins with this:


In 1991, a document was locked in the safe of the director of the CIA. The document is still there today. Its cryptic text includes references to an ancient portal and an unknown location underground. The document also contains the phrase “It’s buried out there somewhere.”

All organizations in this novel exist, including the Freemasons, the Invisible College, the Office of Security, the SMSC, and the Institute of Noetic Sciences.

All rituals, science, artwork, and monuments in this novel are real.

Reading this paragraph in the beginning indeed raises a lot of questions in my mind. What document is it? What’s its relationship with CIA? And also what freemasonry, the invisible college, SMSC and office of security are?

These questions made me curious to continue reading this book. This also happened while I read previous Brown’s novel. Such a thing also appeared in Dan Brown’s novel, he tried to make readers curious about the rest of story.

If you have ever read one or some Brown’s books, you must agree that while reading his novel you feel as if you are in the middle of action movie. Your hearth is pounding because the story full of startle moment, full of intrigue and the plot is very fast. This -contains more than 500 pages book- only takes over about 12 hours of story.

I’m not going to show you all the details because you can read it if you want. Herein I just want to talk what Brown want with this book. We all (Dan Brown reader I mean) know that Dan Brown is tend to put nonmainstream topic in his novels. Like Christianity History in Da Vinci Code and Science vs Religion in Angels and Demons. In this novel, Brown talks about the secret organization: Freemasonry. I wonder if Brown want to bring this idea covered with a thriller story or he did the inverse. For me it is more logic the first one.

Well, in this novel the main idea is about Freemasonry. I’m not a conspiracy theory maniac nor student or an expert in such thing so I don’t have enough knowledge to share about Freemasonry. But many books said that Freemasonry is a secret organization which aims to control the world and has controlled many aspects in our life. They are in many great companies, in government and try to make people away from their faith. But Brown wrote this instead:

…Masons had always been one of the most unfairly maligned and misunderstood organizations in the world. Regularly accused of everything from devil worship to plotting a oneworld government, the Masons also had a policy of never responding to their critics, which made them an easy target…. (chapter 23)

It is very clear that the sentence contrary to my thought at first. So what are they actually? Maybe this quote could explain, it is about chamber of reflection,,,

“It’s called a Chamber of Reflection. These rooms are designed as cold, austere places in which a Mason can reflect on his own mortality. By meditating on the inevitability of death, a Mason gains a valuable perspective on the fleeting nature of life.”

At the end, here is the conclusions……

……..thought about how every culture, in every country, in every time, had always shared one thing. We all had the Creator. We used different names, different faces, and different prayers, but God was the universal constant for man. God was the symbol we all shared . . . the symbol of all the mysteries of life that we could not understand. The ancients had praised God as a symbol of our limitless human potential, but that ancient symbol had been lost over time………

Yups, some people called it “pluralism” which believe that all religion are the same. And God is one but we called it with different names. What the hell?

I hope I could keep unfazed from this very very absurd idea. No less than 17 times I pray this in a day…

You (alone) we worship, and You Alone we ask for help (for each and everything)

Guide us to the Straight Way

The Way of those on whom You have bestowed Your Grace, not (the way) of those who earned Your Anger nor those who went astray..


3 Responses to "The Lost Symbol"

ga ngerti, jadi kesimpulannya ttg freemasonry apa?

eh,, oh,, lupa gw jelasin yah,,, Jadi intinya freemasonry itu bukan organisasi jahat yg mau manguasai dunia, tapi tempat berkumpul orang-orang, mereka merenung, tentang kehidupan, kematian,, lewat metode-metode dan ritual-ritual, salah satunya ya bersemedi di ruangan itu,,,
Mereka percaya akan adanya tuhan tapi tanpa agama, mereka percaya tuhan itu ada satu,,, makanya mereka nganggep semua agama sama, dan tuhannya beda tapi sebenarnya sama, hanya namanya aja beda,,,
Gitu ning,,, ini tangkepan habis baca buku ini loh ya,,,
Paham ini kan yg banyak dianut pro-pluralisme yg sekarang2 ini muncul,,,,

boong tuh bukunya.
mereka lagi ngerencanain tatanan dunia baru, dengan ideologi mereka sebagai dasarnya.
semua orang di dunia akan dipaksa mengikutinya.
itu sudah terlihat dengan jelas dari konten media dan film mereka.

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